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Leadership’s Blueprint to Net Zero

October 3, 2023

8:50 am

- 9:30 am


Geraldine Huse


P&G Canada

George Soleas

President & CEO


Michael LeBlanc

Founder & President

M.E. LeBlanc & Company Inc.

Main Session Hall

True leadership transcends mere profitability—it crafts a legacy. Explore the visionary strides key industry leaders are making towards net zero waste and emissions. Learn how top retailers and manufacturers are embracing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems, managing product lifecycles, packaging, and navigating supply chain complexities. Join Geraldine Huse, President of P&G Canada, and George Soleas, President and CEO of LCBO as they offer invaluable insights from their journeys, spotlighting both triumphs and tribulations on their paths to sustainable change.

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