Stéphane supports organizations seeking to create a brand image rooted in a deep understanding of consumers, product categories and culture. His curiosity, analytical skills, innovation and extensive knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for brands have enabled him to develop leading and insightful expertise.

He has more than 25 years’ experience in food marketing, brand strategy and communications. Building on his firm belief that creating brand value will necessarily generate returns on invest­ments, he relies on his awareness of consumption patterns and purchasing decision processes to shape ideas that make a difference.

A creative and a visionary, he has contributed to the success of clients including Cavendish Farms, Montpak (Famille Fontaine), Nutrinor, Danone, Nortera (Del Monte, Arctic Gardens), Unibroue (Sleeman), Royale, Dainty, GoGo Quinoa and St-Hubert Détail.